Monday, March 17, 2008

Steps on Affiliate Program

Welcome back to my self!!! He he…By the way, I would like to post some of my knowledge about affiliate program after carefully research and studying on how to deal to an affiliate program. In affiliate program is not dealing on selling instead it’s a pre-selling which aim is to help the business website to gain revenue coming from your program. Here are the 18 steps you can use on starting an affiliate program…

  1. Set a goal – from small monthly revenue to much higher targeted revenue.
  2. Find your niche – study your potential competitors and know how many of you on that niche.
  3. Choose a profitable niche – use some of the keywords tools like Google Adwords Keyword tools to find the most searches keywords or phase in the search engine.
  4. Research affiliate merchants – I highly recommended that you must first find a firm for your topic and know if there are suitable affiliate’s products or services that will match for your topic of interest.
  5. Build a useful, interesting web site on your niche – Best way to do is to solve people’s problem. It’s also better if you start or end up the content into question and answer.
  6. Add affiliate links – speak to you visitors and gradually lead you visitor towards a purchase that would not make hard to them to decide.
  7. Place Adsense ads to your website/blog – as another way of revenue and it will also help for your search ranking as other believe that Google has a different algorithm use in Adsense and Adwords.
  8. Get good quality links to your site – Find quality inbound links for your website popularity therefore SEO skills are at most for the success.
  9. Anchor text – it’s should be appealing to your potential visitor and well relevant to pages.
  10. List your site in major directories and niche directories in your industry.DMOZ directory for free listing and Yahoo directory for good but expensive listing.
  11. Place your articles on other websites – for link popularity to help the improvement of your website/blog in terms of Traffic and keyword positioning.
  12. Add more pages and get more links. – keep adding useful and interesting topic into your website/blog and always improve your link building campaign.
  13. Be patient – Study your website and look those pages that are very important and weak to your visitors and do some changes to improve those weak pages.
  14. Expect to see signs of success. – see the progress of your website in all search engines if you already gain your targeted goal.
  15. The payoff... – after your hard work and little expensive, find if you already meet the targeted revenue if weak go back to step 1.
  16. Tweak your site – always improve your website for conversion rate and do some experimentation one at the time.
  17. The future – when you already reach your targeted goal try to expand it for more revenue.
  18. Take the first step – repeat optimization for your website and always read these steps for your affiliate program.
Hope these steps will you to start your own affiliate program and gain some extract income. Your feedback is highly appreciated just to know on how effective these steps will be.