Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The right Keyword Prominence for a web page

Keyword prominence is one of the factors that we should know in placing the targeted keywords for our website. It defined how close to start of the web page that our keyword appeared. In a simple term, if our keyword appeared closer to the top of our page, it said to be more relevant to the search engine results that provided for the users.

Keyword prominence can be applied by altering the web page area such as; the heading, the page content, the alt text, the title and the description. It can understand through generated percentage according to positioning of the targeted keyword in a web page. Majority of search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) have their own way of knowing a good prominence in a web page. For those reasons, I recommend you to use 85% to 90% of prominence just to meet all the ideal percentages of the three major search engines.



Blogger ensure said...

well yes i think you are right
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Blogger Amitav Roy said...

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