Sunday, August 31, 2008

It’s all about article submission

Definition of Article

An article is a stand-alone section of a larger written work. These nonfictional prose compositions appear in magazines, newspapers, academic journals, the internet, or any other type of publication.

Benefits on article submission

The benefits you may get on submitting your article/s to various article submission sites is that it creates one-way links to your sites or client sites which it help for page rank better that any other links. It also create a good credibility to your sites since you’ve given a well relevant information to your readers which may drive more traffic to your sites and eventually converted into sales. Just always remember a well relevant and informative article you may give to your readers is as well your potential customer you may get.

What should be your article?

In the point of view of SEO-driven, you should create a unique and varies article/s to avoid duplicate content since search engines has a way of filtering those websites and articles that have duplicate content. Therefore, be sure to stockpile unique and varied article content for your submission to those article submission sites. For better results on search engine ranking apply some SEO strategist which is keyword-based strategist, it will help to increase your search ranking to particular targeted keyword/s by using HTML anchor text and of course for increasing the inbound link of your sites.

Another one, your unique article content for submission should be at least 500 words which composed of three paragraphs because some article sites are only allowed with 500 words of content (ex. The title and description should 65-70 characters Title Tag and 150-200 characters Description tag. Remember your article title and description is the first that read by the readers that’s why it should more appealing that will catch your reader’s attention.

Sample Article submission Sites

These are the some example of articles sites which you may submit your article content and it also allowed live URL link to your websites. Anyway, I would suggest that limits your live link into two or three at least to avoid link spamming or disapprove your submission for particular article sites.

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