Thursday, April 5, 2007

SEO Specialist: Keyword Density

The keyword density (KD) is the percentage of the needed weight of a keyword on a web page. The formula to get the overall keyword density of a specific keyword is by getting the total number of frequency where keyword appeared and then divide it by the total number of words on the page. One good example is when your keyword appears only once in a page that contains 100 words, the overall keyword density is 1%.

Search Engine has a maximum word density for not to consider your site as spam and mostly, it around 10 percent for a two-word phrase. For all we know, they have their own formula to detect the kind of spam. So, don´t ever try to exceed or over optimized your keyword density for a particular page. If ever this will happen, it will take weeks or months to get back on search result. For proper keyword placement, they can be placed in title, Meta tags, heading, link text, body text, alt image text, link url’s and comments.



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